Where smiles & laughter
bring colour to the centre

Rainbow Childcare is a family run nursery situated in Kilwinning, Ayrshire and caters for children between birth and 12 years.  We offer a complete range of high quality care and education for babies, children in early years and Preschool, with before school and after school care facilities.  Our child centred campus offers a wide range of activities allowing the children to learn through play from our highly qualified and motivated team of childcare practitioners.

Childcare and education are essential for all children; therefore starting a nursery is a very important step in a child's life. Early childhood is an important time for learning. Children discover many skills, physical competence and learn how the world works, through all sorts of play. Learning during the childs early life is a foundation that will last and affect them in the future.  At Rainbow Childcare the children play and learn in an environment which is stimulating to all their senses and needs.