0-2 Years

The Cottage is where the youngest of our children are cared for in the nursery and our 0 – 2 year old babies have their own allocated department.  This has three separate playrooms which are led by room leaders and have their own designated practitioners. The Cottage provides a welcoming and homely environment, where you can be assured that your baby’s individual needs will be met.  Our play rooms are stimulating and comfortable, where soft drapes and various textured materials are used to create a nurturing environment. 

The children explore a wide variety of resources and access an abundance of other materials incorporating music, light and aromas to develop their learning at this early age.  Equipment and toys are specially chosen for babies to explore and develop their senses and stimulate their vision, hearing, smell and touch, and to help them begin to move and coordinate their actions.  Babies are taken on regular walks in our buggies to local parks in Kilwinning, and get to access our outdoor areas whatever the weather. 

The manager of our Pre Three department, Caroline Greenan brings with her over 20 years experience working in early years and childcare in North Ayrshire and is qualified to degree level.

If you would like to discuss anything further please call 01294 557651 and make an appointment to speak to Caroline Greenan our Pre Three Manager.